• The Hip Shot

    The Hip Shot

    When Skeeter Ellington doesn’t show up for happy hour one Friday afternoon, his drinking buddies fear something is wrong. Skeeter never misses Friday happy hour. Besides, there’s little else to do in Preston but drink beer, go fishing, grow pot, or play golf. His buddies Boot, Perch, and Mervin know they must do something. Across…

  • Lonesome Pines

    Lonesome Pines

    In the spring of 1998, I began to feel a bit burned out on the job. It was affecting my writing. In short, I was uninspired and in a rut. I needed something to renew my enthusiasm and rekindle my creative fire. So I signed up to audit a course in creative writing at USC.……

  • Hootie! How the Blowfish put pop back into Pop Rock

    Hootie! How the Blowfish put pop back into Pop Rock

    I was sitting at my desk in the newsroom one afternoon in 1997 when a phone call from a book publisher presented an interesting opportunity. Robin Asbury had started a local imprint called Summerhouse Press, and she wondered if I’d like to write a book about Hootie & the Blowfish. I’d been writing about various……