Suspense in a Small Southern Town

Michael Miller


Hi folks, Michael Miller here, one of millions of Michael Millers around the world who do all sorts of things. There’s a pro basketball player named Michael Miller. One’s a pro golfer, one shapes surfboards in San Diego, and there are several scattered around my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, where we try to avoid being confused for one another. I’m a Michael Miller who writes stuff. That’s what I did for nearly two decades at the daily newspaper here. Before that I was a tennis bum, bellhop, shoe salesman, and I worked in a record store while earning a master’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina. Now retired, I read a lot, play guitar, and take long walks to mull over ideas for songs, poems, blog posts and short stories. The most recent result of my ruminations is a novel called The Hip Shot.  You can purchase it from this website. I invite you to follow my blog, like my Facebook page, and follow me on Instagram. I’ll be posting frequent updates about writing, music, and all sorts of stuff. Thanks, everybody, and keep in touch!  

  • The Hip Shot

    The Hip Shot

    When Skeeter Ellington doesn’t show up for happy hour one Friday afternoon, his drinking buddies fear something is wrong. Skeeter never misses Friday happy hour. Besides, there’s little else to do in Preston but drink beer, go fishing, grow pot, or play golf. His buddies Boot, Perch, and Mervin know they must do something. Across town, Hazel Owens struggles to keep a music studio above water, and now her significant other, Dr. Carol Baxley, isn’t responding to texts or calls. When a murdered woman is found early one morning in a car at the Urgent Care where Carol works, Hazel’s worry turns into dread. Sgt. Barbara Lowrie of the Preston police, a strong-willed Lumbee Indian who has overcome much to climb the ranks, throws herself into the case. She finds a tangled web of hatred, misogyny, and possible criminal collusion within the force. Is the murdered woman connected to Carol Baxley? Are the disappearances of Skeeter and Carol connected? And who is the threatening stranger in town she’s heard about?


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