• Visit some studios. See some art. Take some home.

    The sixth annual “Columbia Open Studios” is this weekend, and the staff here at the Rosewood Free Press always looks forward to visiting artists in their work place and talking about the creative process. This year 70 artists across the city will open their doors and invite folks in to check out their work, be……

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  • Build the Gills Creek Greenway!

    Poor ol’ Gills Creek. It’s taken quite a battering over the years. Several months ago, it battered us back when it overflowed its banks during the great flood of 2015. Of course, the flood wasn’t the creek’s fault. It didn’t ask to have a bunch of poorly maintained earthen dams built along its course and……

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  • Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out in Rosewood

    Contrary to popular local mythology, the dude in the photo is not a real Indian. He is, however, a bit of a renegade. I first met Tom Hall years ago when he and his pal Steve Von Hollen were running a roadhouse music joint called Campbell’s Station in rural Chester County. I knew right away……

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